Squint is misalignment of the eyes which basically means that the left eye and right eyes point in different directions. It is one of the common problem seen in children and may appear later in stage as well. The misalignment can be permanent or temporary.

It is important to have treatment of Squint in right time. If left untreated at appropriate time can lead to Amblyopia occurs, which eventually leads to permanent loss of vision.

we have right expertise in managing Squint Cases in all age group. We first evaluates the type of the squint and accordingly decide the line of treatment which generally varies with the type. In some Squint cases just right glasses are advisable for treatment; however in some cases we have to choose surgical option for correction. Any delay in treatment case lead to permanent vision in eye due to Amblyopia, which is a condition when brain starts ignoring the images from the squint eye and leads to permanent weakening of eye.