All types of  Contact Lenses are available at our centre. Contact lenses are used to correct the refractive errors which are of following types.

  • Myopia : The light rays in this disease get focused in front of retina because of excessively long eye ball. This error is corrected by giving minus lenses in front of eye.
  • Hypermetropia : This is opposite to myopia. This error is corrected by plus lenses either in spectacles or in form of contact lenses.
  • Astigmatism : Here the light rays in one meridian fail to focus on retina . this is corrected by giving cylindrical glasses which have axis reading. All the above 3 types of errors are corrected either by spectacles or by contact lenses.

Contact lenses : These have definite advantage over the spectacles. visual field is large and natural with contact lenses as compared to spectacles. Patient can get rid of glasses, play, swim or can do any activity by wearing contact lenses . These lenses have to be put on in the morning and removed before going to sleep. The patient is given training for that. These lenses are put on outer surface of eye (over black part) and are not to be confused with intraocular lenses which are permanently placed inside the eye after removing cataract.

Cosmetic contact lenses : These are colored contact lenses to change the color of eyes. These are available in various colors for example gray, brown, light blue, green etc. These can be used in the absence of any refractive error as well.